Today, we introduce about "Samurai".


Samurai is a Japanese style swordsman and they existed from 10 century to 19 century.

They originally meant “people who serve” and were the servants of government officials who were dispatched from the capital to rural communities.
They later became warriors who specialized in martial arts and went on to become influential in politics.
Samurai went to wars to fight when it happened and they have some authorities. Thus, people respected them and were scared with them. 

They employed a range of weapons such as bows and arrows, spears and guns.

But their main weapon and symbol was the sword.



A man’s honor was said to reside in his sword.

The craftsmanship of swords, including carefully hammered blades, became an art in itself.

In 1876, the wearing of swords was abolished putting an end to the era of the samurai. 


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